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He looks so happy.

I'm doing graduation announcements.
I was wondering if you would like one.
(If not, I completely understand. But if so, I need your address.)

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It's a card that says that I'm graduating from high school.

It's like "Mr and Mrs so-and-so wish to announce the graduation of their daughter on the such-and-such day of such-and-such month at the such-and-such location".

They get sent to people who mean something to the graduate or who are friends of the graduate or who've been there for the graduate since they were writing fanfic on and argued about the better types of peanut butter (or to people the parents of the graduate say get one for social/"political"/family reasons).

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oh wow, never heard of anything like that before but sure! write it

Leah Eddy
Mercure Hotel Geelong
Cnr Gheringhap and Myers Sts
Geelong, Victoria

I would be most honoured!

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Really? Maybe they're an American thing. "/

Cool. :D



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